Why Sufi?

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Never in a million years could I have imagined I would find myself in a Sufi Mosque saying prayers in Arabic!  And yet, my Sufi guide Sidi al-Jamal says we are born with the name of our guide in our hearts, and I have a very strong sense that this is exactly where I have been headed all my life.  Certainly finding this amazing path has given me a deeper relationship with myself, and a profoundly meaningful connection with God that has validated and confirmed many of the answers I had already found in my search for truth and purpose in my life.

So how did it all unfold?  Many of you will know that I founded the Australian College of Vibrational Healing as a Registered Training Organisation in 2003.  By 2012 the RTO environment was getting much more complex, and although we had grown, I needed some answers on how to make the business sustainable.  A friend recommended Heart of Business in the States, and I enrolled in their 12-month business mentoring program, which gave me many great ideas and helped me build a new website.  Mark Silver who founded Heart of Business is a Sufi master, and one of my classmates is also a qualified Sufi Healer who studied at the Sufi University in Pope Valley, California.

Late in 2009, I was diagnosed (mistakenly) with breast cancer, and by 2012 I was healthy and looking for long term solutions to resolve the underlying problems that led to the diagnosis.  My Sufi friend recommended an ancient technique of Sufi Healing which resonated very strongly within me, so off I went for an eight-day healing intensive at the Sufi University, and attended a four day workshop called Path of Love which “just happened” to be scheduled at the same time.  I also met Sidi Shayk Muhammad al-Jamal, an incredibly humble, wise and compassionate leader who has devoted his life to bringing the Sufi teachings to the West, writing many books as well as founding an orphanage and school in Jerusalem where he lived for half of each year, working as head of the judiciary.  Sadly, he passed in November 2015.  I am so grateful I was able to spend a little time with him while he was here.


It is hard to find the words to describe my experience of those two weeks which started my Sufi journey.  My healing intensive was conducted by six of the teaching staff at the University, and brought many insights, deep healing and change on many levels.  And the Path of Love workshop gave me a foundation in the Sufi teachings, which felt very much like coming home to everything I had always known deep inside myself.  It made sense of so many of the questions I had found my own answers for, and many others I was still pondering on.  It gave me a much bigger perspective on why we are here, how to navigate the challenges life brings us, and how to reach the joy and fulfillment that I believe we are all seeking.  Sufism is the mystical path of Islam, and like all mystical traditions, it seeks the deeper truths behind religion.  I’ve found great clarity and simplicity in Sidi’s teachings, which focus on compassion, love, mercy, justice and peace for all.  Healing in the Sufi way begins by establishing a deep connection with Divine Love and opening to streams of healing light from God, to transform physical illness and emotional pain into states of greater health and spiritual wholeness.

There have been many miracles along the way – the year before last I was in my second year of Sufi School and feeling quite isolated from my new friends who are dotted all over the States.  I was driving to the supermarket and lo and behold!  Right in front of me was a Holden Commodore special with a badge saying “Sidi”!!!!  When we looked this up, it means “Spark Ignition Direct Injection” which is an interesting parallel for Sidi’s work in the world.  And in spite of looking, I haven’t seen many Sidi Commodores around – see how many you can find…

Four years later, here I am in my Master’s year, and the project I have chosen is to begin a Shadhiliyya Sufi network in Melbourne for the many clients and friends who volunteered to help me develop my Sufi Healing skills, not to mention my Arabic!  For those who would like to know more, I am offering an opportunity to dip your toe into the water and see what it brings you, with a monthly webinar series starting Tuesday 28th February at 7.30 pm.  Contact me on the email below for information and registration.

There are also many online programs available from the Sufi University for further study; visit http://sufiuniversity.org/

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