While We Were Silent book release this week

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Very exciting news:  In just a few days – AUGUST 15 in the USA and the following day in Australia – you can have your copy of the revolutionary BOOK, While We Were Silent.  If you saw my blog in April, you will know that my friend Debra Graugnard has established a closed Facebook group to support people in sharing their stories of abuse, often for the first time.  The book is a compilation of Debra’s conversations with 12 experts on sexual trauma, which have been released on the Facebook group over the past few months.  It has been a great honor to be a part of this project, which has touched so many people and created an incredibly rich dialogue about this important topic.  

While We Were Silent: 12 Experts Share Stories of Healing from Sexual Trauma is available on Amazon – the Kindle version is available for 99 cents for a limited time only.  You do not need to have a Kindle to access the Kindle version.  

CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR COPY:  http://bit.ly/wwwskindle

If you have been stirred up by events of the #MeToo movement, or if you have struggled with sexual trauma, even if you just want to understand what others are going through, this book is essential.


While We Were Silent fosters understanding, compassion and healing for those who have experienced abuse and those who seek to support them.  You’ll hear from experts who have traveled the journey of healing from sexual trauma on why people stay silent after abuse and what happens during that silence.  You’ll discover what is possible for healing sexual abuse, and how individual healing can help bring about change in our world.

Learn about the breakthroughs, turning points, therapies and healing modalities these experts used to heal their bodies, minds, hearts and souls, and how they use their experiences and expertise to help others find healing for themselves.

If you heard the raw interviews released by audio/video in the recent summit, you know how valuable they are.  The book contains these interviews and more.   Each expert added pearls of wisdom and words of encouragement that are important for your healing path.  Some even addressed additional topics, including a section on Healing Shame from Joan Brooks, an excerpt from “Soul Compost” by Licia Berry, and much more…   

My chapter explores the far-reaching ripples of impact from my own childhood abuse, and how that has influenced my journey of growth and healing.

In the final chapter of the book, “Reflections from the Host,” Debra Graugnard shares the invaluable lessons she learned from facilitating this impactful series and moderating discussions in the While We Were Silent Facebook group.  She uses simple, common-sense language to summarize concepts that are not so commonly understood. 

These basics of understanding trauma are key to self-understanding, self-compassion and self-acceptance – and fundamental to a trauma survivor’s healing journey.  

CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR COPY ON AUGUST 16:  http://bit.ly/wwwskindle

Please note:  The print copy is also available, and we would love for you to have the print version.  Find the print version at http://bit.ly/wwwspaperback

If you prefer a printed copy and could also purchase the Kindle version (99 cents), we would greatly appreciate it.  It will help us to reach best-seller status and open doorways for us to provide more avenues for healing and transformation.  Thank you!

P.S.  If you know anyone who could benefit from this book, please pass the information along.  For more information about the project and how to join the Facebook group, please visit http://WhileWeWereSilent.com.  Thank you once again!