Time to Break the Silence!

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While we were Silent

FREE ONLINE EVENT:  Join experts in healing from sexual trauma, assault and abuse. Break through the silence to heal your heart and create a brighter future for all humankind with a ground-breaking new series “While we Were Silent” from my dear friend Debra Graugnard.   The first four interviews started last Monday, showing one each day.  This coming week there are another four, and the final four are scheduled next week.    A special Facebook group provides a safe space for sharing and support, as well as registration for the series and ongoing access to the video interviews, with no expiration date and no restrictions on sharing.

On Monday April 30 US time, I will be appearing in an interview with Debra as part of this series, a topic which is vitally important to me as an abuse survivor and a therapist.    See my Facebook page for details of this wonderful series and a link to my upcoming interview.

Healing the Spiritual Foundations of Abuse

As a follow-on from the “While we were Silent” interview series, I have developed a new six-part tele-class series to support other survivors of sexual abuse with their healing journey.  We will be looking at abuse of all kinds, at all levels – abuse is a continuum, from the subtle to the glaringly obvious:  ignoring someone’s needs or rights, invalidating, belittling; racial, cultural and gender discrimination; bullying, physical or emotional intimidation, emotional abuse; unwelcome and uninvited sexual advances or language, inappropriate touch, threats, physical violence or assault, right down to sexual coercion and rape.  There are common themes for healing, whatever the level or type of abuse, and that’s what this course is aiming to help you with. 

Abuse in any form damages our expectations of ourselves and others, our self-esteem, our trust in life and more, affecting our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.  Childhood abuse, especially sexual abuse, has far-reaching and long term effects that may include depression, shame, guilt, self-blame, anxiety,    a sense of powerlessness and betrayal,  substance abuse, eating disorders, sexual and relationship problems and psychological disorders.  Children have no defence against abuse, and may not understand that the abuser is totally responsible for what happened.  The flow-on effects of abuse on family relationships and social development can also have profound consequences for later relationships, depending on the nature and circumstances of the abuse.

Whether you are opening up to share your story for the first time or have already started your healing process, you can only start from where you are now to find ways of moving beyond the hurt, anger and other feelings or thoughts that are hard to live with, and the places where you feel stuck or limited in your life.  Here are some key questions to ask yourself, to give a focus to your healing journey:

  • What challenges or issues am I facing in my life right now?
  • What recurring themes or patterns in my life do I want to change?
  • What steps can I take now towards claiming the power to live fully as my sacred self?

We will explore these questions and ways of addressing them in our six-week tele-class series, which starts on Wednesday June 6 at 10.30 am Australian Eastern time (US Pacific 5.30 pm the previous day).  Each class will be recorded for those who are unable to attend a particular class.  This series has a particular focus on healing the spiritual aspects of abuse; it includes facilitator presentations, group discussion, personal study and two private counselling sessions.                                                                                                                          Investment:  $A495

Early enrolment bonus CD “Comin’ Home” (applies to enrolments received by May 25, 2018)

If you are just starting out on your healing journey, you will benefit from our eight-week Personal Health and Awareness self-study program which also includes three private counselling sessions.       Investment:  $A495

Additional private healing consultations are available as needed at a cost of $A150 per one hour session or $A500 for a package of four sessions.  Australian health care plan rebates may apply.

You are also welcome to join our free monthly tele-class “Sufi Insights” to explore the tools and principles of spiritual healing from the Sufi perspective.  Check our calendar for the next class date.  Donation to support children’s welfare or aid those in poverty is welcomed.

Please contact us for more details of any of these opportunities on [email protected]