The Art of Giving Massage

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Giving a massage is a magical dance that offers healing for body, mind and spirit – a wonderful way of sharing and caring that helps people move through their journey in life.  Working at a subtle level through your body as much as with your hands, you begin to feel the depth and wholeness of the being under your touch, following the rhythm of breath and stroke, listening with all your senses until the sacred space unfolds and the true art and the mystery of massage reveals itself.

Massage is grounding… Massage is relaxing and provides time out for busy people.  Most of us spend a lot of time in our heads thinking, planning and managing our lives.  When your client walks into your clinic they may be stressed or their mind may be racing to keep up with all of the issues they are dealing with.  Massage brings awareness back from the mind to the body, leaving us feeling more settled, calm and grounded.  By encouraging communication through the muscles and tissues right down to the cellular level, massage helps us integrate the many different aspects of body, mind and spirit.

Massage is healing… Often just lying down on the table can be enough because the client has taken some time out from their busy life to have a massage.  Massage can unlock physical and emotional blockages, bringing attention to areas we may not have been aware of and allowing long-forgotten stories to unfold as the masseur works on a sore spot.  Massage can alleviate or improve many medical conditions, relieving tension and muscle soreness.  Detoxification is another great benefit of massage, because it encourages the toxins that gather in the muscles to disperse.  Bodywork helps all the body systems (including the lymphatic, digestive and nervous systems) to function at their optimum level.  Massage can also help with depression and anxiety by allowing people to identify the cause of the stresses they encounter in daily life.

Massage is nurturing… Massage can be loving and giving.  The quiet, nurturing space shared by you and your client allows the magic to unfold and you will find that you receive energy as you give to your client.  As massage practitioners, we connect deeply with our clients through our hands.  Staying fully present and aware throughout the massage lets your client know you are giving total attention and support, enabling them to gain maximum benefit from their massage.  In fact, being 100% present in the here and now can be quite meditative.  This safe, supportive healing space helps the client to connect with their intuition and communicate with the Divine, supporting movement on the metaphysical level and bringing healing, peace and balance.

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