Ten Benefits of Post Natal Massage

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If you’ve recently given birth, you and your baby will be going through many changes as you establish feeding and sleeping routines. Contact one of our graduates if you would like a relaxing, rejuvenating massage.

1. Improves Relaxation

A relaxed mother is a not only a happier mother, many activities such as breastfeeding and calming your newborn are much easier when you are relaxed.

2. Increased Flexibility

Childbirth is a considerable physical feat, massage is a great way to sooth stretched nerves and stiff muscles.

3. Stimulates Blood Production

The post natal phase of childbirth often means a mother’s body requires quite a lot of new blood.

4. Boost Milk Production

Gentle massage of a mother’s breasts clears milk ducts and promotes flow which in turn leads to higher milk production.

5. Induces Good Sleep

In the first weeks and months of a baby’s life, a mother’s sleep is often interrupted and light. Massage can be enormously beneficial in promoting sleep for new mothers.

6. Lightens Stretchmarks

Many women experience stretch marks as a result of pregnancy, massage can be part of the process of dealing with stretch marks.

7. Stress Buster

Massage is a wonderful stress buster, taking time to nurture yourself is an important component in caring for your child.

8. Reduces Fluid Retention

Stimulating tissue and your lymphatic system through appropriate massage works wonders in reducing swelling and discomfort associated with fluid retention.

9. Skin Exfoliation

Hormonal changes, changes to skin pigmentation and drying of your skin are all things that can happen to a woman’s body before and after birth. Massage exfoliates and stimulates skin growth, helping you to look and feel better.

10. Reduce Stress Hormones

There are a lot of hormonal (and lifestyle) changes for women around childbirth affecting mood, diet, and energy to name a few factors. Massage helps your body reduce unhelpful hormones and promote a healthier balance.