What is Sufi Healing?

This advanced, ancient spiritual healing method resolves trapped emotional, physical and spiritual energies.  Sufi Healing works with sacred intent, Divine Guidance and the sounds of Qur’anic prayers for deep healing of ingrained patterns and trauma.  These ancient sounds carry a powerful healing vibration into the cells and energy fields to deliver healing at a profound level, well beyond the reach of the human mind.  The healing process both strengthens and relies upon spiritual growth and understanding that can lead us to a closer relationship with the Universal Life-Force, regardless of our religious path or the spiritual framework we honor.
The University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism where I learned these powerful healing techniques is dedicated to sharing the teachings of Shayk Sidi Muhammad Sa’id al-Jamal in the Shadhiliyya tradition of Sufism.  Sidi is the spiritual guide of USHS, and he left us an amazing legacy of many books that give both Westerners and Muslims a clear window into the deeper truths of Islam with a particular focus on peace, love, justice mercy and freedom for all.  One of the key aspects of Sidi’s teachings that keeps me wanting to learn more is that the Shadhiliyya way embraces all those who believe in God, whichever spiritual path we follow.   Here’s a photo of Sidi teaching at USHS:

Read more about my experiences at USHS in my blog Why Sufi?

You might also like to visit the web site for the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism, which offers a variety of study programs including a four year Masters in Divinity program as well as many short courses and special events. Here’s a photo of the Shadhiliyya Sufi Centre in beautiful Pope Valley, California, which is the Mother Centre for USHS.  

The Gift shop at the Sufi Centre has many of Sidi’s books and a great array of CDs, gifts and educational materials, as well as sacred paintings by Rahima Wear who manages the Gift Shop.  All of these can be purchased online from the Sufi Book Store website,  check with ACVH staff to see if we have a spare copy for loan.  Here are some suggested books from Sidi to get you started:

  • Music of the Soul
  • The Guide
  • Heal yourself: there is medicine for every disease
  • He who knows himself, knows his Lord

Insights from the Sufi path

If you’d like to learn more, why not join our monthly Sufi Insights tele-class evenings, which include meditation, sharing of healing experiences and Sufi tools for connecting with Divine Guidance.  Check our events calendar for the next dates, or contact Lisa at [email protected] or 0419-549-537 for course bookings, healing consultations, questions or information about what is available.

We look forward to sharing the gift of Sufi healing with you.