Start Your Kinesiology Career Now

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If you are ready to start your Kinesiology Cert IV or Diploma studies, now could be the time! Our Body & Soul course starts on 15th August, with Level 1 from Friday night through to Sunday lunchtime, and Level 2 on Sunday and Monday.

What You’ll Learn

Body & Soul Level 1 gives you some great tools for managing day to day life, like testing for food allergies, vitamins and minerals, balancing the chakras, using crystals, flower essences and essential oils. 

Level 2 takes us deeper into weight management, choosing a diet, balancing the body systems, increasing vitality, and clearing self-esteem and relationship stresses that often impact our weight. 

Want To Know More

Here are the brochures, just email us on [email protected] if you would like to attend.

Download the Body & Soul Brochure

Download the Diploma In Kinesology Brochure