Looking for training in kinesiology, massage or energy healing?

We help new and experienced practitioners who want to deepen their skills in all of these areas.  

Whether you are  just starting out, looking for new career, or an experienced practitioner wanting to expand your skills, if you are looking for:

  • High quality training that is tailored to your needs
  • Flexible study plans and “pay as you go” packages
  • Opportunities to explore your highest potential
  • Business skills to build a business that aligns with your heart and soul

And you set a high value on

  • Personal growth
  • Heart-centred connections with others
  • Helping people on their healing journey
  • Connecting with an inspiring health practitioner community

Then you could be in the right place!

Maybe you have a deep need to reach out and help others in some way, an inner knowing that you have a gift for healing, but aren’t living it yet, and don’t know how?

Or you’re stuck in a job you don’t enjoy and really want to find work you love, that won’t actually feel like work because it fulfils and nourishes you at a very deep level.

You might also be feeling excited about the possibilities of growth and learning, but you’re not sure how study can fit into your busy life!

Having to commit to a whole course when you’re not sure it’s right for you can be daunting.   Deciding what you want to study can also be a challenge, especially if there are lots of different courses that interest you.  You also know that learning is a journey, and you want the flexibility to make new choices along the way.

Lots of different kinds of people graduate from ACVH:  people working full time, others at home with kids at school, some who already work as healers and want extra tools to deepen or extend their work; people looking for a new career in healing so they can help others, and many who have already done some training, and need a qualification to get their business started.

How we can help?

At ACVH, we want you to get the most out of your studies, and we make it as easy as we can for you.  Of course, you have to set aside the time and do the work that’s needed, which can sometimes be a challenge in lives that seem busier by the day,  We know that this is a journey of growth for you, and that makes it all the more rewarding when we see you reach your goal.

Finding tools you resonate with and knowing you can build your practice while you study takes the pressure off so that you can make the most of your learning and growth along the way.   And finding a community that can embrace you and your journey as a healer makes it so much easier.

We also believe that healing is a journey of the spirit, and that all healers need a spiritual foundation of some kind to support them in their own journey.

Find out more on our How it Works page.  Or, if you want to read more specific details about the courses we offer, and how they can help you meet your goals, click here.

A Gift for You

Our free mini-book “Now We’re in Business!” gets you started on this sacred journey, with some simple tools and meditations.   Click here to enter your email address and download your free gift.

What others are saying about us

“I am very happy to recommend ACVH, particularly for studies in kinesiology. I received excellent support and practical guidance throughout. Lisa understands the needs of adult learners, and respects the need to be working as well as studying. She has great knowledge, experience and understanding from industry, practitioner and educator points of view”.   Claire S, Northern Territory

“I completed both the Certificate IV and Diploma in Kinesiology with ACVH, and despite initial reservations of how I would go with home study, I learnt far more than I anticipated and discovered a lasting joy of learning.   As an experienced practitioner, the course material was relevant, interesting and useful for my practice.  Thank you for a very worthwhile and enjoyable learning experience”.   Carol K, Western Australia