Some final notes before you fill in your RPL application:

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is provided by the College to minimise time and cost to students who can provide evidence of prior learning and current competency for a given subject or course.  All applications for RPL will be considered on an individual basis.  Click here to download our RPL Guide.

Applications for RPL must be made on the form below and will only be accepted at initial enrolment.   All relevant documentation must be attached.  Applications must be accompanied by a Curriculum Vitae giving relevant experience and a non-refundable minimum processing fee.  To be eligible, kinesiology RPL hours must have been assessed, and a list of courses provided.

The current RPL application fee is $495, which covers our time to review your application and provide a personalised study plan showing the cost of completing your qualification.  This fee is subject to change, non-refundable and cannot be transferred to other courses.  Assessment fees for units that require further evidence and review will be advised during the RPL process.  Additional fees may apply for applications covering more than 6 units.

Once the RPL assessment is complete you will receive a written report from the Enrolment Office.  Note that if you require a formal statement of attainment additional fees may apply.

The outcome of your RPL assessment will meet one of the following categories:

1. Successful recognition means your application was accepted and full RPL or credit transfer has been granted.  Competency will be awarded for the relevant units without any lecture attendance, assessment or cost for the units involved.

2. Further assessment means the application requires further evidence, skills and/or knowledge assessment for a subject.  Assessment may involve verbal assessment, physical demonstration, written assignments or a combination of these.  An additional fee per unit must be paid before assessment to cover the cost of the individual attention required for assessment and marking.  This will normally be 50% of the standard enrolment fee for the relevant units.

3.  Unsuccessful recognition means there was insufficient evidence for recognition.  Enrolment in the subject is required at the standard fee.

Claims for RPL will not be considered unless supported by all relevant fees and documentation i.e. course outlines, subject descriptions, official results transcript and/or industry experience.  Please provide certified copies of certificates (pharmacist, JP or Police Officer certification are all acceptable).


Ready to go?    Here’s the RPL application form:


Please do not hesitate to contact us on (03) 9874-7036 if you would like help in completing your documentation.  Otherwise, just print your application and send with your certified documentation to the Enrolments Officer, P.O Box 771,  Brentford Square, Vic  3131.