Already have a head start?

We provide industry accredited training in Kinesiology, Massage and Energy Healing, and can also recommend suitable Training Organisations that deliver government accredited qualifications in these modalities.  Either way, we are happy to support you in gaining recognition of prior learning and experience.

If you have previous training and experience in kinesiology or other health-related subjects, we can help you maximise the benefit of your knowledge towards an industry accredited qualification.  If you are already qualified as a Kinesiologist and want to give your clients access to Health Care rebates, or upgrade your skills to a government accredited Certificate IV or Diploma of Kinesiology, we can recommend a Registered Training Organisation to help you.

Or you might already be practising as a health professional like some of our other students: a masseur, naturopath, speech therapist, maybe a social worker or other kind of allied or complementary health worker, and you want to add to your skills so you can help your clients in a different way.

When you have past training or experience that might be relevant, you don’t want to waste your time repeating things you already know, and you probably appreciate reduced time, cost and effort, right?         So it’s really important for you to get it all done as quickly and easily as possible.  And yet, you want the best out of your studies.  We have developed our RPL strategy around standard assessment projects to fast track the RPL process, saving you time and money.

What we offer:

  • Credit Transfer at no Cost:  If your certificate shows exactly the same code for a particular unit, no problem, that’s called a credit transfer and there is no cost.   Hint:  Ignore the last letter of the unit code if there is one, that’s just a version number and it probably won’t make a lot of difference. We’ll let you know about that as part of our RPL process.
  • Full RPL:  If you have completed equivalent subjects elsewhere, you may be eligible for full RPL at no cost, provided we can verify that you have covered all of the competencies.  You must provide a transcript of your results showing the hours of study, and an outline of what the subjects included.  A similar subject title or believing that you “know it” is not enough, as we need to verify that you have fully covered the competency requirements.
  • Part RPL with verbal assessment:  This option applies if you have some  knowledge and experience that contributes to competency, but no documented evidence we can use for full RPL. We work with you using our standard assessment projects to identify what you already know and where you have gaps in skills or knowledge.  Your RPL assessment interview will be recorded for audit purposes.  Then you just complete the projects needed to fill in the gaps, and you are done.   Full subject fees apply for part RPL, to cover our assessment, marking and facilitation costs.
  • RPL portfolio assessment:   If you have significant skills and experience, the alternative to verbal assessment is to prepare a portfolio demonstrating your skills and experience against the competencies for each unit that you want recognition for.  Your experience must be current and verified by an appropriate third party.  
    A word of caution:  preparing your portfolio can take a lot of time, often much longer than actually doing the subject would take, and we need to spend time matching your evidence against the competency requirements.  The cost for assessing your RPL portfolio is 50% of the standard subject fee, plus additional pro-rata facilitation and marking fees for any gaps in competency that are identified.

After your RPL application is processed, you can enrol in the remaining subjects to complete your qualification.  You may also request a Statement of Attainment for the units for which you have received full RPL, which we can arrange through a suitable Registered Training Organisation, for an additional fee.

Click here to download  our RPL Flowchart, or download the course brochures for our industry accredited courses in KinesiologyMassage or Energy  Healing.

Kinesiology RPL

If you have already completed some training elsewhere, we are happy to count up to 200 class hours of industry accredited kinesiology training as part of your Certificate or Diploma qualification.  You must attend at least 50 hours of kinesiology training with ACVH so that we can verify your competence in kinesiology. Certified copies of your certificates of proficiency and attendance must be provided for your hours to be accepted, and an RPL fee will apply for each class. 

Still some questions to answer?

Here are some that we are often asked, or you can check out our FAQ page for more general questions.

  • How much is the RPL fee?
    Our fee for processing your RPL application is currently $495.
  • What does the RPL fee cover?
    To assess an RPL we need to review all the documentation you have provided about your previous studies, and map your evidence against the relevant units.  The RPL fee covers the time it takes to review the documentation and provide a detailed study plan with an accurate cost of completing your qualification with us.  
  • How much will the course cost after you have assessed my RPL?
    This depends on whether you have been able to provide sufficient evidence of competence to justify full RPL or credit transfer, which incur no additional cost.  Your study plan gives the total cost of your studies, including full or slightly reduced fees for subjects with part RPL.
  • I have work experience and have also studied related courses.  Will that reduce my cost?
    Yes, as long as you can provide the documentation we need to satisfy government requirements.  If not, we do a verbal assessment to find the gaps in your knowledge, which will certainly save you time, and may reduce the cost slightly depending how many gaps we find.
  • How do I know if it is worth applying for RPL?
    Our RPL Guide will lead you through a checklist to help you decide if you could qualify for a full or part RPL, and identify the evidence you will need for an RPL portfolio.   Our staff will be happy to advise you on the best approach to suit your needs.
  • I have already completed some kinesiology courses.  What more do I need to do?
    You need to complete a minimum of 200 hours of assessed kinesiology courses at both Certificate IV and Diploma level to meet kinesiology association requirements.  You must complete at least 50 kinesiology class hours with ACVH at both Certificate and Diploma level so we can verify your kinesiology competence.  Competency and attendance certificates must be provided to support all kinesiology RPL applications, and up to 50 hours of workbooks per qualification can be counted as part of your kinesiology hours  provided they are industry accredited.
  • Can I count my previous clinic hours?
    Your clinic hours are an important part of building competence; you need at least 50 clinic hours for our Certificate in Kinesiology and another 100 clinic hours for the Diploma, in addition to your kinesiology training. Past clinic hours must be verified by a clinic letter or Statutory Declaration.

How to get started:

  1. Click on the following to fill in your RPL application, provide details of past training completed, and pay your RPL application fee 
  2. Send us certified copies of your certificates (pharmacist, JP or police officer certification is fine) for relevant past training and professional accreditation, plus a CV outlining your experience.
  3. If you wish to apply for RPL via Portfolio, download our RPL Guide and include a list of evidence with your RPL application, for each RPL Portfolio unit.  You can begin building your portfolio once you receive our RPL report. 

We will review your documentation and send you an RPL report with a study plan showing the cost and timing of any additional studies required to complete your qualification.

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What past students have said:

“I applied for Recognition of Prior Learning with ACVH and was delighted with the whole process, which was clear and efficient from the start. The College kept me informed of progress and answered my questions promptly. Within a short time my application had been processed and I have now been awarded my Diploma. I have no hesitation in recommending ACVH and Lisa Hare in particular to any prospective students.”  
C. Oram, May 2013.

“I transferred to ACVH from another RTO in 2012. As an experienced practitioner, I was impressed with the ease with which my RPLs were processed.  I did require some extra facilitation with my studies and found the staff to be friendly and very supportive. I am delighted to be working with ACVH now as a facilitator for the Certificate IV and Diploma of Kinesiology.”  Karen Kelly, 2012