Too many options?

Being confronted by too many options (often with high up-front costs) can be overwhelming and people often end up doing nothing after trying a few courses here and there.

Perhaps you’ve looked around at all the options and don’t know where to start – what qualifications do you need, what do you want to learn, and who do you want to study with?  How can you know what’s right for you without getting started?

Or maybe you have already done some study, and want to try something new without wasting what you have done so far.  If that’s you, click here to find out about our Recognition process.

Taking it step by step

Having the flexibility to make choices as you go allows you to take each step as you are ready, making sure you have the right tools by the time you reach your goal.

So where are you headed? If you think about the successful practitioners you know, they probably have three things in common:

  • Core skills to support healing and growth, giving them the confidence to live their gifts
  • Tools that really work, that resonate deep within and create the sacred space necessary for healing
  • Business skills that enable them to make a good living from what they love to do
  • A spiritual foundation that supports their own healing
  • A healing community that nourishes and inspires them to keep learning and growing

Choosing a course that can deliver on these key elements allows you to relax and discover your gifts for healing. In developing your skills as a healer, you’ll want to try out enough different types of healing to see which ones resonate strongly for you and bring out your natural gifts and talents.  And you’ll want to know how it feels to experience these tools as a giver and a receiver, to build your confidence in the tools themselves.

Now We’re in Business!

Knowing what you want to achieve and why you want it is the first major step in having the clarity and commitment to reach your destination.  Believing in yourself and the healer within is a big part of making the right choices; choosing from your heart helps you trust that the basic direction is right.  Once you know this, it’s much easier to decide on the tools and support you need, knowing that you are working towards being the kind of practitioner your heart is calling for.  Our free mini-book gets you started on the sacred journey of becoming a healer, with some simple tools and meditations to help you find your heart’s direction.

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