Stage 2 (late 2013/early 2014):  

Needs blurb;

  • Monthly payments (via Pay pal)
  • Student resources (Induction Guides & workbooks only to start with; Student Handbook is in Library page)
  • Student Support services (Disability, Grievance resolution)
  • Subject extension/deferral request (generate email form and pay deferral fee)
  • Current offers and Training courses
  • Link to annual student survey (track logins who have gone there if possible)
  • Link to Moodle for online projects  (Phase 2:  not in place until late 2013)
  • Request a new password or a login

We welcome feedback on our courses, what you like and where we can improve.  Please email Maree on [email protected] if you have any suggestions.  Testimonials are always welcome too!