A warm welcome to all APSWC delegates! Here is your download page for resources presented at the Round Table Conference in March 2019. If you have any questions about the downloads or would like to follow up on any of our courses, please email me on [email protected]

The brief for my presentation was “Can Reiki, elements of traditional medicine, nutrition and life coaching lead to incremental revenue and a realistic career path for first-time job seekers or those looking to change careers and work on the periphery of the spa and wellness industry?” 

And I hope I was able to give you some new understanding of energy healing and whether it might be relevant for your business.

Click here to download my slide presentation, and here for an overview of Energy Healing.

Here’s the Chiron Four Step self-healing process, and the course brochures for Chiron Healing and Pampering the Pattern.

Click here for our brochures for Body & Soul and Kinergetics, and our Practitioner training curriculum, or navigate to our Kinesiology training page to learn more.

Here’s the brochure for our “Finding the Heart of your Business” tele-series, and some web links for the Heart of Business site, and the Australian Reiki Associations, Kinesiology and Chiron Healing associations.

And here’s our Sufi Healing page, with information about our monthly Sufi Insights tele-class.

I hope you find this information of benefit, and look forward to connecting again.

Warm regards, Lisa Hare