Our team at ACVH

Our Head Office at Mitcham in the leafy eastern suburbs of Melbourne is a hive of activity, with courses, practice nights, student Clinic days and students dropping off their assignments.  Much of the project work is done at home, so it’s always a delight to connect with our students here.

Click here for our organisation chart and  see below for more about each person’s role and passion.

Our trainers

Lisa Hare                  Karen Kelly               Janice Bann

In the office

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Lisa Hare – CEO      Linda Hackett – Admin      Maree Latus – Enrolments

Judy Morton – Web and Communications        Julie Roberts – Admin support

From Lisa…

Lisa 1 Jan 07

Since I began my own healing journey in 1985, I’ve worked with over 5000 people as a teacher and practitioner of energy healing, helping them find the keys to their own healing and growth. As a Kinesiologist and psychologist, I bring together many different tools for personal transformation, all of which have worked for me personally. Like all journeys of growth and healing, there have been times of loneliness and uncertainty, so I know the value of a caring teaching-learning community that can support and nurture each one of us as our journey unfolds.

In 2003, after 25 years in the corporate world as an IT professional, I founded the Australian College of Vibrational Healing to help others discover and unfold their unique life purpose as healers within a cooperative, heart-centred business environment. The College offers government accredited qualifications in kinesiology, massage and training delivery, with flexible study plans to meet your unique needs. Click here for details of our qualifications or short courses.

Why do I do what I do?  Because I have a deep desire to share the journey with people who want to embrace growth and learning to unfold their life purpose and live their gifts and talents more fully. I believe that every choice we make from our heart takes us in the right direction.  At ACVH, we have the tools and a deep desire to support you in nurturing the heart of your business as your new career unfolds, with:

  • A dynamic, nourishing and cooperative learning environment
  • Opportunities to explore your highest potential
  • Flexible study plans and “pay as you go” packages

Judy Morton


Julie Roberts


Karen Kelly


Linda Hackett


Maree Latus