The Australian College of Vibrational Healing has been proudly offering high quality training to practitioners in complementary health for over a decade.  Initially operating as a Registered Training Organisation from December 2003 to June 2016, we are now a private college offering a number of industry accredited courses in kinesiology, massage and energy healing, as well as many short courses for professional and personal development.  

Our vision is to deliver outstanding, cost-effective education that supports opportunities for growth, help students build profitable, heart-centred businesses and provide flexible, accredited pathways that offer skills and tools for optimum health.   

Our mission is to:

  • Develop and deliver top quality, affordable industry accredited qualifications in complementary health
  • Deliver heart-centred practitioner training to support students in building successful businesses
  • Provide a dynamic, nourishing and cooperative learning community for students and staff
  • Ensure a safe, ethical and supportive learning and teaching environment
  • Create opportunities for students to discover and express their highest potential
  • Support students in building on previous learning and experience.

Click here to download our Mandala – a visual representation of our vision and mission.

We seek to attract staff and students with a passion for what they do, so that together we create an environment that is dedicated to inspiring others to strive for their best at all times, where we can embrace excellence in our own lives and generate opportunities for growth for our students, staff and business colleagues. 

The College Director, Lisa Hare, has over 30 years experience as a practitioner of many natural healing methods and has been teaching alternative healing for more than twenty-five years. Lisa is a qualified psychologist, kinesiologist and Chiron Healing® teacher and practitioner, with 30 years of corporate experience.  She has tertiary qualifications in Applied Science, Business management, Kinesiology and Psychology and over 2000 hours of additional training in personal development and complementary health modalities.  She recently completed her Masters degree in Advanced Sufi Healing and the Diploma of Medical Spiritual Healing with the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism in the USA.

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